Leveling Tools 


The truss screed, like the roller screed, is capable of screeding a wide area--up to 65 feet. Thanks to the truss design that stabilizes it, it can span wide areas without twisting or torque. It can also have a vibratory action that helps to compact the concrete as you screed it. The truss screed can come with self-propelled winches that can, as Southern Tool states, "save labor."


A roller screed can be 6 to 43 feet long and has the form of a long, seamless pipe. Like a hand screed, it rests on the concrete form as it's dragged across the concrete. However, like a mechanical screed, it also has a motor which causes the roller to revolve in the opposite direction than its being pulled. Like a vibrator, the roller screed compacts the concrete as it revolves. This screed can also be used on inclined surfaces.

Finishing Tools

Power Float/Trowel

In some cases this screed can be applied to garage floors or outside areas where suitable. After application this screed is brought to a shine with a power float and pan. This leaves a super smooth top which prevents abrasion and corrosion that can be sealed or painted. In areas where this is not strong enough we lay concrete which is also brought to a very smooth finish.

Bull Float

The purpose of bull floating is to level ridges and fill voids left by the screeding operation. Drawing a bull float over the fresh concrete immediately after screeding is required to force down aggregate and raise cream (gravel-free concrete) near the surface for finishing. Bull float is used for areas too large to reach with a darby, though it may produce a wavier surface.

Screed Cutter

In hot weather, concrete might crack if joints are not cut within 6-12 hours after finishing screed. In this condition, we can early-entry dry-cut lightweight saws that can be used almost immediately after finishing instead of using a grooving tool to cut joints,. These saws cut 1" to 3" deep, depending on the model.

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